Tuesday, 4 October 2011

First day of work tiredness

It's currently 7:19pm and I am laying in bed listening to Lykke Li, using my slendertone and eating Swedish sweets from Ikea. I am so so tired from my first ever day of work today, I am currently volunteering at the World Skills 2011 event that is happening in London. Let me tell you, working there isn't easy as the building is the size of 10 Wembley football pitches and I have to walk up and down that a lot. Anyway, on my travels home from work I realized that on my HTC I can download Kindle and read my favourite books. You don't understand how excited I got as I am such a bookworm and have been dying for a Kindle for months. So after I have posted this I will snuggled up in bed re-reading Breaking Dawn on my phone (a month till Breaking Dawn part 1 is out in cinemas!!!!!!)

1 comment:

  1. Love Lykke Li :) and have fun at the cinema ! Kisses
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