Tuesday, 4 October 2011

First day of work tiredness

It's currently 7:19pm and I am laying in bed listening to Lykke Li, using my slendertone and eating Swedish sweets from Ikea. I am so so tired from my first ever day of work today, I am currently volunteering at the World Skills 2011 event that is happening in London. Let me tell you, working there isn't easy as the building is the size of 10 Wembley football pitches and I have to walk up and down that a lot. Anyway, on my travels home from work I realized that on my HTC I can download Kindle and read my favourite books. You don't understand how excited I got as I am such a bookworm and have been dying for a Kindle for months. So after I have posted this I will snuggled up in bed re-reading Breaking Dawn on my phone (a month till Breaking Dawn part 1 is out in cinemas!!!!!!)

Monday, 3 October 2011

Decisions, decisions

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about what university I would like to go to and what I would like to study there.  I know I am only in my first year of college but summer of 2012 is when I need to start looking at universities and believe me I have been heavily researching, not for just universities in this country but ones for America. Yes, my biggest dream that motivates me every single day is that I want to move to America, preferably New York, in a little town. Anyway, back to my dilemma, I have no idea of what to study there, my mind has changed a gazillion times but now I definitely know I want to do to something in the fashion industry. Lately, I have been looking into doing courses in styling and photography, unfortunately, I am not studying photography at A-Level and have no experience at it. However, I am hoping that I could possibly persuade my Dad into buying me a Canon for Christmas, a relatively cheap one to get me started then maybe I could blossom from there. I would love to go into styling as it's a more hands on approach in fashion, imagine working backstage at a Chanel runway show and me, little old me, is behind the set styling all the fabulous models in array of different Chanel clothing or accessories. Wow, I have butterflies just thinking about it. I have no idea where to start with styling, as you have programmes such as polyvore when you can make you own outfits, however, I don't find that very useful as I can never find the items I am looking for. I tend to style some of my friends and recommend them on what they should wear and I am also quite opinionated and judgmental of people's clothing choices in the street, I tend to make mental images of how their outfit should really look, for example what should be added to the outfit such as accessories etc and what should be changed about the outfit. Possibly, just possibly, this could be the path for me!

Friday, 30 September 2011

Inspiration: Interior Design

Everytime I see a beautiful interior design that I would love to re-create in my own house when I finally move out, I save it on my laptop. As my laptop isn't very trustworthy I need somewhere to put these pictures where I can find them. I have been obsessed with designing my own house since I was little, I always have little imaginations in my head of how my house would look. When I found out about Sims my life was complete as I would always design my own houses, and typically they would always be huge expensive mansions (you can tell what kind of taste I have) and Sims is still one of my guilty pleasures, I was just playing it five minutes ago! So here are some of my favorite designs:

Sunday, 25 September 2011

A sunny Sunday morning in September

Woke up this morning to the beautiful sunshine trying to break through the little gap between my curtains. It is such a summery morning for the end of September in London, climate change is definitely happening. This Sunday will not be so beautiful the whole day though as I have an English Language essay to complete and I need to pick a scene from Black Swan to write about, which means watching the whole film whilst making notes. Shenel is not a happy chappy.

Currently listening to Ed Sheeran - +

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Latest purchases

Blue jeans from Topshop

Men's checkered shirt with leather patches on the elbow from Forever 21

What I like to call a granny jumper from Forever 21

Purple high waisted shorts from Topshop

Pale pink shirt from Forever 21

Rabbit jumper from Forever 21

And finally I bought it. Someday, Justin Bieber's perfume. Most gorgeous perfume 
I've ever bought, it smells so fruity.

Friday, 23 September 2011

LFW - Topshop Unique collection

I'm sorry but I still cannot get over Topshop Unique S/S 12 collection, it is the only thing that is getting me excited for Spring and Summer at the moment. The pastel pinks, the repetitive use of metallic gold in the clothes, accessories and even the hair!! I have always been a fan of Topshop, even though I can only splurge in there once every few months, the Unique collection has always made me go head over heels. Their A/W collection is so pretty with the theme of dalmatians running through the majority of the items.
My favorite items from the A/W collection are:
And my favorite pieces from the S/S 12 collection are:

Credit goes to http://www.thestylecrusader.org for the images from the Topshop Unique S/S 12 catwalk

Inspiration for my Autumn/Winter wardrobe

Street style images from London Fashion Week